Financial Literacy That’s Not About the Money
Earn it, Learn it  



Teach more than financial literacy—teach life literacy!

Instill the value of money, work and time well spent
Sharpen creativity, motivation and resilience
Boost respect for self, family & our global community
Have FUN test-driving real careers!
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Thought of the Week

Seven-year-old pinches self over Earn My Keep.

I don't often share these stories because I find them to be so personal. But I received this note last week and it struck a chord. Alisa, I'm sure you've heard these stories again and again but here is one more... Read more

Earn My Keep in Action

Market Researchers

It’s not “Researcher”—it’s “RESEARCHERS!” Yup, Derek has been officially inducted into Earn My Keep-land, although not nearly as ceremoniously as I had imagined. Instead, when he learned Mia was going to be a Market Researcher, he announced... Read more

Expert of the Week

Guest Manager Jeff

This week's guest Expert is a Guest Relations Manager! Jeff Mayer has spent 14 years at the The Hotel Hershey. So not only does the star of Earn It, Learn It, pg 159-164 take care of his guests, he does it surrounded by chocolate!... Read more

Hey Alisa!

“Alisa, hello? Hello?? Where have you been??"—Mom"

[SHEEPISH GRIN] Oh, hi Mom. Have I been a tiny bit bad about returning your calls? I promise: I’ve come out of the... Read more

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